a science-fiction adventure game


If you want to learn about Letarri culture and technology, meet some of the crew, or just read more about the colonization mission, you've come to the right place! These short chapters tell the back story of Prominence before the game begins.

Update: The complete Prominence Prologue – including a new bonus chapter and a preface from the dev team – is also available as an e-book for your favorite reader, including EPUB, MOBI, and PDF formats.

Chapter 1: The Broken Probe

Scientist Saia Lorvet investigates the data from a damaged probe and makes a startling discovery that will change the future of the Letarri people forever.

Chapter 2: The Laeril Commission (part one)

Chief Engineer Danir Alavaji begins the monumental task of finding and preparing a vanguard ship for the upcoming colonization mission.

Chapter 3: The Laeril Commission (part two)

After finding a candidate vessel, Alavaji works with Rienne Teleda and other members of the engineering team to modify the ship to meet their needs.

Chapter 4: Inflection

Ral Zemith helps Professor ren Amarsen teach ANNIE, an advanced artificial intelligence system, about inflection in speech.

Chapter 5: Renmasa and the 'ren' Honorific

A schoolteacher and his class share a lesson about the hardships of Renmasa, Talmasa, and Letarri history -- with unexpected consequences.

Chapter 6: A Hero for the People

The Letarri Council selects a captain to lead the colonization mission, but not everyone agrees with their course of action.

Chapter 7: Shipping Out

A vanguard crewmember bids his family farewell and explains the mission to his son.

Chapter 8: Of Those Who Could Not Go... (part one)

Approved for the vanguard mission, a crewmember is conflicted about leaving a dying relative.

Chapter 9: Of Those Who Could Not Go... (part two)

Still struggling between family and duty, Carina makes her decision -- and receives a precious gift.

Chapter 10: The Professor's Little Girl Grows Up

With only a few days until launch, Lead Technician Zemith is surprised by ANNIE's evolution.