a science-fiction adventure game

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to our collection of spoiler-free goodies about the development of Prominence!

Dev Chat: Art & Design

Concept artist and designer Gary Ritchie joins Mike to share the origins of the in-game environment designs and technologies, their connections to real-world colonization missions, tools used in production, and other art-related topics -- including a start-to-finish design recap of an in-game location.

Dev Chat: Audio

In this episode, Mike is joined by two-time Clio award-winner Tom Griffith for a chat about the soundtrack composition, the origins of Old Letarri for the choir, the foley sessions, the voice-actor casting/auditions, and more.

Dev Chat: Story

Who are the Letarri? How did they get in this mess? Find out in this narrated (and animated) history of the events leading up to the start of the game. This is an older video, but is a nice companion to the Prominence Prologue.

Concept Art

Meet the Team

Prominence is being developed by a small, but dedicated team in Long Island, New York.

Mike Morrison

In 1997, Mike left his job in the big city to start his own company, Digital Media Workshop. He's had a big, goofy smile on his face ever since, working on a variety of design, print, web, audio, and video projects for clients ranging from sole proprietors to multinational corporations. When he's not juggling production and design duties, he heads up the visual and audio production for Prominence.

Kevin McGrath

Kevin McGrath is the lead programmer on the Prominence development team. He is responsible for coding modifications to the game engine, developing code for puzzles, and game scripting. He is also involved with overall story and puzzle design. He brings over twenty years of programming experience to the team, and has been an avid gamer for even longer.

Tom Griffith

Tom is an award-winning songwriter, arranger and producer with over 30 years experience in the music business. He won two Clios and a Cannes Silver Lion for his work in advertising and the National Education Fiction Video Award for his film scoring. 40 Years Later, his CD release of songs about what happened to the Boomer generation as they hit the 21st century, received the Album of the Year award from Newsday.

Debbie Morrison

Debbie Morrison is the newsletter editor on the Prominence team, and works as a marketing/production specialist at Digital Media Workshop. She brings more than 15 years of marketing, communications, and publishing experience to the team.